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You need energy to operate and produce. Thanks to our solutions, you can save the energy you get from the sun, wind, water or earth for your needs.



For Energy. Battery Energy Storage Systems is our passion. We have developed full sets of technologies that supports energy flow in your surroundings. Starting from single battery ending on managements and cost optimization FlexTech gives you all necessary tools in one place.


The FlexPOWER technology was created as part of the work on the development of energy systems by an interdisciplinary team of experienced Polish engineers and specialists. Their experience and enthusiasm led to the development of a number of innovative technical and software solutions, which in combination created universal and flexible technologies available on the modern energy market under the FlexPOWER (FP) brand. Thanks to this, the user of storage systems within the FP technology gains access to unique solutions adapted to the implementation of responsible tasks in the field of industrial energy. FP technology offers a flexible approach to energy storage and processing, battery system construction and operation, as well as meeting user expectations and needs.

FPI 130-50DC

Modular Battery System

The FPI battery system with the BSCU (Battery System Control Unit) computer is a basic kit for use in battery systems built by external integrators. The product is designed as a development version of the FPA (Vehicle Battery Module). The system allows subsequent modules to be connected in parallel to the common DC bus, ensuring high flexibility in scaling the performance and capacity of target solutions. The basic battery module has a capacity of 13 kWh and a power of 5 kW. FPI battery modules are environmentally sealed (IP67), have integrated thermal insulation and a liquid thermal conditioning system. The battery unit is used in the FPY.


Capacity: 130 kWh

Power: 50 kW DC

Connection: 300 ÷ 400 DC

Dimensions: 0.7 x 1.0 x 1.2m



2x RS485

1x Sunspec Modbus ETH1

1x Ethernet 100 BASE-T

1x AI 1x AO

2x DI 2x DO

FPY 130-50AC

Stationary Energy Storage System

The FPY is an integrated solution directly connected to the customer’s network (nN 3×400 VAC). It has installed battery modules, power converters, the necessary current protections and an autonomous control system. The warehouse is equipped with thermal and fire insulation and a fire detection and prevention system. The thermal insulation, together with a self-contained thermal conditioning system, ensures many years of trouble-free operation of the warehouse in the outdoor temperature range of -35°C to +45°C. An optional prefabricated base plate ensures quick and easy installation of the store at the customer’s site.


Capacity: 130 kWh

Power: 50 kW AC

Connections: 3×400 AC

Dimensions: 1.5 x 1.5 x 2.2m

Weight: 2,400 kg

FPR 200-100DC

Modular Battery System

The FPR system consists of eight battery modules (LFP chemistry battery cells) connected in series to the BS-PDU electrical switchgear. The switchgear is equipped with a battery management computer – BMS, current protection, service disconnector and communication with the BSCU (Battery System Control Unit). The system is a basic set for use in battery systems built by external integrators. The product has a power of 110 kW, a capacity of 229 kWh and a voltage range of 640÷930 VDC. The system is thermally conditioned by air and operates within a temperature range of +10°C ÷ +30°C. The BS-PDU switchboard supports up to eight FPX modules. The solution allows you to build systems up to 1000 VDC. The system is prepared for installation in standard 19″ RACK cabinets with a depth of 1200 mm. The product is intended for the industrial market. The system is used in FPF and FPD as well as indoor applications as a standalone DC battery system. FPR is prepared for integration with FlexConvert technology Power Conversion System.


Capacity: 229 kWh

Power: 110 kW DC

Power connection: 640÷930 VDC

Dimensions: 1×1.61×1.5 m

Weight: 2,100 kg

FPF 400-200DC

Scalable Energy Storage System

The FPF energy storage is based on the design of a 6-foot sea container in the HC version. Space is provided for two FPX8 battery terminals. The FPF storage has a built-in thermal conditioning system based on an air heat pump and so-called „free cooling”, fire protection, thermal insulation. The system can be supplied with a prefabricated foundation plate. The system allows you to connect up to 4 x FPF in parallel, scaling power and energy. The system has built-in fire protection and is designed for outdoor use. FPF is prepared for integration with FlexConvert technology Power Conversion System.


Capacity: 456 kWh

Power: 220 kW DC

Connection: 640÷934 VDC

Dimensions: 1.8 x 2.4 x 2.9m.

Weight: 7,500 kg

FPD 1000-500DC

Industrial Energy Storage System

The FPD industrial energy storage system, based on the design of a 10-foot sea container in the HC version, is a DC system that allows the construction of scalable energy storage on the DC side from 1,14 MWh to 2,29 MWh. This allows the system to be used in configurations with a FlexConvert C converter up to 2 MW or, by combining the FPD with a hybrid converter, connected to a photovoltaic (PV) system on the DC side. The scalable configuration makes it possible to optimise costs according to the application and customer requirements.

The system enables the construction of scalable storage farms with an energy density of 160 MWh/ha and a power density of 80 MW/ha. It has a built-in thermal conditioning system based on an air-to-water heat pump and free-cooling, fire protection and thermal insulation. The FPD is designed to accommodate five FPX8 battery modules. It is designed for outdoor use. An external DC/AC converter is required.


Capacity: 1146 kWh

Power: 573 kW DC

Power connection: 694÷930 VDC

Dimensions: 2.9 x 2.4 x 2.9m

Weight: 13 000 kg


FlexSys technology complements the functionality offered by FlexPower. It is a technology that brings together the necessary software for IT support of FlexPower devices. FlexSys displays battery system operating parameters and business analyses, and enables device control, local balancing area management and economic optimisation of installed batteries. The applications included in the FlexSys technological solutions have been configured to meet the expectations and needs of various business groups.

FlexSys V

Visualization System

The FlexSys V is a proprietary system designed to complement the FlexPower and FlexMobility technologies and the products included in them. The database application and storage operation data presentation interface on desktop computers and mobile devices allows customers to view the operating parameters of their energy storage systems. The application combines the functionality of a database with the presentation of current and historical information. The application can be configured to act as a SCADA user interface. In this case, in addition to information from the operation of the energy storage integrated in the FlexPower technology, it can analyse and display information from other energy sources within the electrical installation. This can include grid connection parameters, renewable energy generation and customer energy consumption. It is also possible to analyse energy flows between energy sources and present statistics from the operation of the installation.


FlexMobility technology is the most advanced group of products in terms of environmental adaptation and specificity of operation in broadly defined world of „electromobility”. FlexMobility products are characterised by their ability to operate in harsh industrial, marine and mining enveironments. Liquid thermal conditioning, high vibration resistance, EMC (ElectroMagnetic Compability) resistance and durable housings designed from the experience of aerospace half-shell constructions guarantee many years of trouble-free operation. In addition, the stable and secure BMS (Battery Management System) software that manages the battery and multi-level safety systems provide a very high level of safety.

FPA 13-30DC

Automotive Battery System

The FPA battery system with the ABSCU (Automotive Battery System Control Unit) control computer is a basic set for use in battery systems dedicated to work vehicles. The product is designed for harsh working conditions in mining, industrial and public transport environments. The system allows subsequent modules to be connected in parallel to the common DC bus, ensuring high flexibility in scaling the performance and capacity of the target solutions. The basic battery module has a capacity of 13 kWh and a power of 30 kW. The FPA battery modules are adapted to work in aggressive and marine environments (C5 and IP67), have integrated thermal insulation and a liquid thermal conditioning system. Thanks to its modular structure, the system can be used to create energy storage systems with a capacity of up to 500 kWh.


Capacity: 13 kWh

Power: 30 kW DC

Connection: 300 ÷ 400 DC

Dimensions: 0.1 x 0.7 x 1.0 m

Weight: 100 kg



3x CAN 2.0B

1x RS-485

2x Ethernet 100BASE – T

2x PWM

8x AI 2x AO

10x DI 8x DO


Direct Drive Motor

The DWH-200 is designed for direct drive installation in a wheel with a rim size of at least 17 inches. It is intended for use in the drive systems of: industrial machines operating in difficult environmental conditions, commercial and special vehicles, motor vehicles, hydraulic equipment, working machines, other machines and equipment for special purposes.



Power: 40 kW (80 kW max)

Torque: 700 Nm (1000 Nm max)

Speed: 1200 rpm

Power connection: 300÷750 VDC

Weight: 75 kg

Dimensions: Ø0.388×0.208 m

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Drive Controller

The STS-203 electric motor controller is designed to power and control the operation of AC electric machines used in: electric vehicles, electric work machines and industrial equipment operating in harsh environmental conditions.


Power: 50 kW (80 kW max)

Power supply: 0÷850 VDC

Weight: 12.2 kg

Dimensions: 0.42×0.25×0.10 m

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Bi-directional Charger

The PBC-202 three-phase bi-directional stationary charger is designed to: charge lithium-ion energy storage devices, optimise charging (CC, CV, CP) in conjunction with the BMS system, fast charge vehicles with CHAdeMO and CCS Combo 2 connectors, charge vehicles with AC Type 2 connectors.


Charging system: CHAdeMO, CCS Combo 2, AC TYPE 2

Power output: 50 kW

Voltage range: 300÷850 VDC

Weight: 210 kg

Dimensions: 0.6×0.77×2.18 m

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